Funding & Eligibility

KTP is funded by Innovate UK with 15 other funding organisations including devolved governments and the support of all the research councils in the UK.

Government funding for each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is provided by means of a grant to the participating university partner and a contribution from the company involved.  KTPs with Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) receive a grant for 67% of eligible project costs. Large companies or groups receive a 50% grant.

Each project is different as it is tailored to suit the business and the needs of that business. Consequently the costs to a business can vary. As a guide, for a project with an SME, the annual cost to the business is typically around £25,000 p.a. based on average total project cost of £75,000 p.a. For a non-SME the costs typically range from £37,000 to £40,000 p.a.

The largest part of the costs of a Partnership is the employment cost of one or more KTP Associates and the cost of staff from the knowledge base partner who are directly involved in the Partnership. The remainder includes provision for equipment and travel costs, the knowledge base partner’s indirect and administrative costs and costs associated with the personal and professional development of the Associate(s).


An organisation must be able to demonstrate:

  • It has the ability to support the project financially
  • It has sufficient qualified staff to supervise the associate appropriately
  • That it is a strategic project, central to the organisation’s development

KTP may not be appropriate for every business. Very small businesses, or very recent start-ups, may not have the capacity to provide support for the KTP Associate or the resources to commit to the project.

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