Participating Organisations

Currently in Scotland there are more than one hundred companies engaged in KTPs with Scotland’s universities, over twenty of which involve the East of Scotland KTP Centre.

KTP Partnerships Past & Present

2gether NHS Trust & Queen Margaret University

2gether NHS Trust provides services for patients with mental health and learning disability challenges within... [more]

A.Proctor Group Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

 A.Proctor Group Ltd designs, develops and manufactures a portfolio of technically advanced thermal, acoustic and... [more]

Action Scaffolding Contracts Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Action Scaffolding is a growing independent scaffolding company that provides scaffolding design and assembly services... [more]

Albacom Ltd. & Napier University

Design and manufacture of microwave amplifiers, receiver protectors and power supplies for the defence and... [more]

Alchemy Laboratories Ltd & The University of Edinburgh

Colloidal gold and gold conjugate production; lateral flow test development and manufacture. To evaluate, develop... [more]

Anderson Caledonia Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Anderson Caledonia Ltd. was founded in 1997 in Bellshill, Scotland. It specialises in providing infection... [more]

Archangel Informal Investments Ltd & The University of Edinburgh

Venture capitalists. To capture, examine and codify investment management processes within an angel investment context... [more]

Ardana Bioscience Ltd. & The University of Edinburgh

Develops Bio-pharmaceutical products. To analyse the fundamental biology and progress the pre-clinical and clinical evaluation... [more]

Ark Housing Association Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

The provision of specialist housing and support services for people with learning disabilities and others... [more]

Array Jet Ltd. & The University of Edinburgh

Manufactures and sells robots which use ink jet print-heads to print microarray for the life... [more]

Axon Cables Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Axon Cables designs and manufactures cables, connectors, harnesses and complete interconnect systems solutions for advanced... [more]

Bedmax Ltd. & Napier University

Manufacture of wood-shaving horse bedding. To characterise the wood-shaving horse bedding product, produce wood species... [more]

Biobest & The University of Edinburgh

Veterinary virology laboratory undertaking contract research, primarily related to safety, efficacy and field studies in... [more]

Bioforce (UK) Ltd. & Queen Margaret University

Bioforce manufactures and distributes herbal medicines in the UK and Ireland. To establish an in-house... [more]

Biosimetrics Ltd & Scotland’s Rural College

BioSimetrics Ltd. provides state of the art feedstuff analysis for forage and concentrates used in... [more]

Bitwise Ltd. & Napier University

Provides a range of software development and consultancy services tailored to meet the specific needs... [more]

Border Precision Ltd. & Napier University

Precision engineering contract manufacturer incorporating toolmakers and metal finishing. To re-engineer the production processes and... [more]

Bradley Park Waste Management Ltd & Heriot Watt University

Bradley Park is an established total waste management company providing a complete waste management and... [more]

Building Contracts Agency & Napier University

Sound and thermal insulation for retrospective and new build housing applications. To develop a range... [more]

Burgess Pet Care Ltd & University of Edinburgh

Burgess Pet Care is a division of Burgess Group plc a family owned business. Burgess... [more]

Caledonian Aerotech Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University

Recycling and processing nickel, cobalt and titanium super alloys. To identify and implement means of... [more]

Caledonian Aerotech Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University (2)

Recycling and processing nickel, cobalt and titanium super alloys To optomise existing logistics process; develop... [more]

Caledonian Aerotech Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University (3)

Recycling and processing nickel, cobalt and titanium super alloys. To develop a sustainability strategy incorporating... [more]

Caltech Indsutrial Service Company Ltd. & The University of Edinburgh

Offer a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services. The development and implementation of a strategic... [more]

Canan Ltd. & Napier University

Broad-based company offering a wide variety of communications, marketing and design services with the added... [more]

CGI International Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Established in 1988, CGI Group is an independent producer of fire resistant glass for the... [more]

Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers & University of St Andrews

CIBSE is the international body that represents and provides services to the Building Services profession.... [more]

City of Edinburgh Council & Edinburgh Napier University

The Council is the second-largest local authority in Scotland with an annual gross revenue budget... [more]

Clariant Oil Services UK Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Clariant Oil Services UK Ltd is a leading supplier of speciality chemicals and chemical management... [more]

Creative Scotland & University of St Andrews

Creative Scotland invests in the arts, screen and creative industries for the benefit of the... [more]

CSC Crop Protection Ltd. & the University of Edinburgh

Provision of agronomy services and supply of agrochemicals and related spraying services to the agriculture,... [more]

Cyclacel Ltd. & The University of Edinburgh

Discovery and development of modern therapeutics for cancer and other serious diseases. To introduce leading... [more]

Cyclacel Ltd. & The University of Edinburgh (2)

Discovery and development of modern therapeutics for cancer and other serious diseases. To develop a... [more]

DB Projects Ltd. & Napier University

Environmental solutions for disinfectant and effluent problems Partnership Work: To develop a biocide product to... [more]

DEM Solutions Ltd. & the University of Edinburgh

Development of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software for simulation of particle handling, processing and manufacturing... [more]

Diageo plc & Napier University

Production, marketing and distribution of premium drinks. To optimise the design of the traditional whisky... [more]

Diagnostic Instruments Ltd. & the University of Edinburgh

The design, development and manufacture of portable diagnosis instruments for vibration analysis etc. To design... [more]

Digit Site Services Ltd. & Napier University

Waste disposal and remediation of waste products. To research, develop and implement cost effective, safe... [more]

Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Donaldson Timber Engineering Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies of engineered timber components, in particular roof trusses... [more]

East of Scotland Water & Napier University

Water supply and treatment and waste water collection, treatment and re-cycling. TCS Programme: To develop... [more]

Edgar Allen Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University

Design, manufacture and supply switches and crossings to railway networks. To improve production efficiency by... [more]

Electroflow Controls Ltd. & Napier University

Design and manufacture of oil and gas exploration drilling instrumentation and control systems and hazardous... [more]

Emtell Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University

Manufacture of tubes for the installation of fibre optic cables. To analyse fluid drag performance... [more]

Environment Exchange Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

The Environment Exchange (known as t2e) provides participants with a confidential and transparent method of... [more]

Environmental Reclamation Services & Napier University

Investigation and treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater. To develop comprehensive capabilities for the bioremediaton... [more]

Environmental Reclamation Services & The University of Edinburgh

Investigation and treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater. To develop and implement a ‘decision support... [more]

Environmental Tracing Systems Ltd. & Napier University

The provision of specialist environmental tracing technology, testing, analysis and consultancy in the water, air,... [more]

Epistemy Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Epistemy provides oil and gas companies with software and services to accurately estimate uncertainty in... [more]

Epistemy Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Epistemy develops History Matching and Optimisation software (Raven) for the Oil and Gas sector. This... [more]

Ethicon Ltd. & Napier University

Designs, manufactures and distributes surgical medical devices for use within the healthcare industry. To research,... [more]

Farm Animal Genetics & Genomics Faraday Partnership Ltd. & the Roslin Institute

Works to improve the business competitiveness of the UK livestock breeding and animal health Industries.... [more]

FarrPoint Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

FarrPoint is an independent IT and networking consultancy company who provide the following core services:... [more]

Fibrehub Europe Ltd. & Napier University

Providers of consultancy and services across a wide range of fibre optic transmission equipment including... [more]

Field & Lawn (Marquees) Ltd. & Napier University

Marquee hire for corporate and private events. To develop materials management and operations management systems... [more]

Fife Council & The University of Stirling

Health board. To develop a generic service re-design methodology through the application of new computer... [more]

Findlay Irvine Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University

Manufacturers of electronic equipment for use in road weather monitoring, rail weather monitoring, road and... [more]

Flexel International Ltd. & Napier University

Manufacturer of heating elements and specialised heating applicances. Development of new flexible film heating elements,... [more]

Forth Valley Primary Care NHS Trust & The University of Stirling

NHS Primary Care Trust To identify and establish a Community Health Partnership (CHP) model to... [more]

France Telecom R&D UK Ltd & University of Edinburgh

The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of France Telecom S.A. The Company’s principal activity is... [more]

Games Analytics Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

GA is a Data Mining/Analytics company: a monetisation company that increases revenue for online and... [more]

Games Analytics Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Games Analytics is a Data Mining/Analytics company: a monetisation company that increases revenue for online... [more]

Glass Scribe (International) Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Established in 1983 The Glass Scribe (International) Ltd is a wholly owned family business which... [more]

GlaxoSmithKline & Edinburgh Napier University

GSK is the world’s third largest pharmaceutical research-based company. Increase the understanding of how the... [more]

Glenmorangie plc & Napier University

Whisky distillers, packagers and wholesalers. To implement new technology into the whisky supply chain from... [more]

GlycoMar Limited & University of Edinburgh

GlycoMar is a biotechnology company developing products and services for the human healthcare, personal care... [more]

GR Advanced Materials Ltd. & the University of Edinburgh

Manufacture of digital duplicator consumables including ink and stencil masters. To develop and implement a... [more]

Harris-Hynd Ltd & Napier University

Industrial design consultancy and developer of retail and exhibition products. To develop a range of... [more]

Helia Photonics Ltd. & Heriot-Watt University

Supplies critical thin film coating processes to the semi-conductor optoelectrics community. To research and develop... [more]

Highland Colour Coaters Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Highland Colour Coaters provides protective and decorative coating services to steel and aluminium fabrication and... [more]

Historic Scotland & Heriot-Watt University

Historic Scotland is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. The broad direction for Historic... [more]

Hydrafact Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Hydrafact is an oil & gas knowledge-based, spin-out company from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering... [more]

IHF & Heriot-Watt University

IHF Ltd is a forward-thinking human factors (HF) business which improves business effectiveness via rapid... [more]

Industrial And Marine Engineering Services Ltd & Heriot Watt University

Load testing, load measurement and structural performance testing of complex fixed structures such as bridges,... [more]

LTS International Ltd & University of Edinburgh

LTS International is a high growth SME providing professional and committed consultancy and project management... [more]

Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Macphie is the UK’s leading independent food ingredient and food product manufacturer, operating from two... [more]

MacTaggart Scott & Co Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

MacTaggart Scott is a privately owned Scottish engineering company established in 1898. The principle business... [more]

Martec Engineering Group Ltd & The University of Edinburgh

Martec Engineering is a highly innovative, customer focussed, Scottish Engineering firm leading the way in... [more]

Maxymiser Ltd & University of Edinburgh

The company provides software and services categorised as “Customer Experience Optimization” to web based enterprises... [more]

MiTek Industries Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

MiTek Industries Ltd(MiTek) is a manufacturing business that produces nail-plate connectors and machinery for the... [more]

Multiply (UK) Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

  Multiply is an award winning, integrated creative agency based in the inspiring capitals of... [more]

Nandi Proteins Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

The company develops technology around protein modification for application in the food sector and licenses... [more]

Newarc (Newcastle) Ltd & Heriot Watt University

Established in 1972, Newarc has built an unparalleled reputation for welding technological innovations that meet... [more]

NHS Lothian & Queen Margaret University

NHS Lothian delivers healthcare services within Edinburgh and the Lothian’s region. It is funded by... [more]

NHS National Services Scotland & Heriot-Watt University

As part of NHS National Services Scotland (a special NHS board) , the Scottish National... [more]

Nova Innovation Ltd & University of Edinburgh

Nova Innovation Ltd is an engineering research and development business focused on the renewable energy... [more]

Optos PLC & University of Edinburgh

Optos develops, manufactures and sells globally (to more than 35 countries) ophthalmology devices and software. Its... [more]

Payfont Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Payfont Limited (Payfont) is a Cybersecurity company that has developed a revolutionary Dynamic Cybersecurity Framework (DCF),... [more]

Pentland Precision Ltd & Heriot Watt University

Established in 1999, Pentland is a specialised and innovative engineering company that draws on its... [more]

Progress Rail Services UK Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Progress Rail Services UK offers a range of products for the railway infrastructure market.  They... [more]

Quality Precision Technology & Edinburgh Napier University

Quality Precision Technology Ltd (QPT) provides high quality machining solutions to the hydraulics, oil, electronics,... [more]

Route Monkey Ltd & Heriot-Watt university

Route Monkey is an award winning innovative software provider, who specialises in the optimisation of... [more]

Royal College of Midwives & University of Stirling

The Royal College of Midwives operates both as a trade union and a professional organisation... [more]

Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Established in 1990, Scientific Vacuum Systems Ltd. (SVS) has specialised in the manufacture of Physical... [more]

Scotmas Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Scotmas Limited is a leading, Scottish manufacturer of chlorine dioxide based water disinfection systems. The... [more]

Scottish Woodlands Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Scottish Woodlands Ltd is Scotland’s leading independent full-service forest management company. It is also the... [more]

Selex ES Ltd & University of Edinburgh

Selex ES (Electronic Systems) is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defence... [more]

Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Working across several of Siemens business sectors, Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited (STDL) is the... [more]

Social Care Alba Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

Social Care Alba is registered with the Care Inspectorate to provide Care at Home services... [more]

Soluis Group Ltd & Edinburgh Napier University

The Soluis Group is a fast-growing, diverse organisation operating in multiple domestic and international markets... [more]

Spencerfield Spirit Company Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Spencerfield Spirit Co Ltd (SSC), a family owned SME,  was founded in 2005 with the... [more]

Sunamp Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Sunamp design and develop Heat Batteries (HB) using innovative high power and energy density heat... [more]

Tritech International Ltd & Heriot-Watt University

Tritech International Limited, a wholly-owned Moog Inc. company, is a high-technology business dedicated to providing... [more]

Voluntary Action Fund & Edinburgh Napier University

VAF is an independent Scottish company which, on behalf of its clients, bids competitively for,... [more]